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The Russel Gallery Honey has been carefully selected among the best honeys in Italy.  Our Selection comes from ‘MieleGatta’ a family-run farm that has been producing honey in the upper Canavese area (north Piedmont) for more than 40 years, at the foot of the Aosta Valley and the Gran Paradiso Park

Acacia Honey
Chestnut Honey (Castagno)

Special Honey



1) As an internal anti bacterial aid for your family to soothe sore throats and stomach infections through honey drinks.

2) Naturally Increase Antioxidants Antioxidant’s are important to the human immune system and help keep us healthy. Put simply antioxidants help us combat the effect of a process called oxidation which impacts on our DNA and can lead to illness. In fact oxidation contributes towards the ageing process. Consumed every day a small amount of honey can naturally increase the antioxidant factor in the bloodstream which in turn helps deal with all those nasty free radicals which cause oxidation. Unique to honey is pinocembrin, an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning.

3) Digestion Aid Honey breaks down quickly in the stomach and is easily digested it is also believed to aid the metabolic rate. As well as impacting on weight taking it like this can also aid ones digestion, which in turn contributes your over all feeling of well being.

4) Low level of Blood sugar Honey is low on the glycemic index, it does not cause the blood sugar to shoot up, but allows a much healthier gradual increase in blood sugar levels. It’s a natural sweetener that is twice as sweet as refined sugar but doesn’t give you the energy spike that refined sugar does.

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