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Mary Clare

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Stillness of the Light
Clearing the Air
Flaggy Shore II
Late Evening, Doolin
Flaggy Shore I
Crashing Wave Doolin
O’ Loclainn Pub, Ballyvaughan
The West Weeps in Pale Dew
Monday Wash Day Blues
The Old Homestead
Burren Poppies
Summer Evening on the Flaggy Shore

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Linocut prints by artist Jole Bortoli in edition of 60, inspired by Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘Postscript’. They can be purchased singularly or as a collection set: create your own folder by selecting among the 5 pieces available.
For the occasion, the Russell Gallery also presents a limited edition of letterpress prints of Seamus Heaney’s poem that can be purchased alone in a celebratory folder.

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10-Elza Pereira Necklace
09-Elza Pereira Earrings
08-Elza Pereira Earrings
05-Elza Pereira Necklace
07-Elza Pereira Necklace
04-Elza Pereira Earrings
03-Elza Pereira Earrings
06-Elza Pereira Necklace

Russell Gallery offers in its store several high quality products such as our own Italian Organic Wine, Olive Oil and Raw Honey. Other gifts including Contemporary Jewellery and Luxury Shawl

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